The Inevitable Changes…

Change is the law of nature. Everything around us changes constantly, including us as well! Nothing is constant. Everything transforms into something else each split-second. Every passing moment is different from the one just passed.

The nail on your fingertip is a nanometre longer than it was yesterday. The neighboring galaxy just grew a nanometre more in all dimensions! The scale of the change may vary that much. And so does the impact of the change. Every second, a person expires in one nook of the world ,and a baby borns in another. Nothing is constant. Not this sorrow. Not this happiness. Not this life!! Everything does change. So if you cried last night about why the person you loved changed, or why your happiness turned to sorrow, DON’T!! You cannot withhold a change that is bound to occur. Changes are inevitable. So,why fuss over somebody’s changed nature, when NATURE itself changes while you read this!

Rejoice the moment you have in hand. It might pass, and your world might change even before you realize it!!!! Respect a change, and get over it!!!