Happiness is usually  more sought after than sufferings. But, it is in times of suffering that the deepest of emotions are felt and strongest of bonds are formed. Sufferings cleanse the soul of worldly impurities, thereby making it humble and down-to-earth.

Elusive happiness

Happiness is elusive. It’s like that beautiful butterfly, that you can keep chasing tirelessly. It’s mesmerizing blend of colours keeps attracting you and you keep chasing it with all your might. But, it always manages to escape from your grip. As long as you keep running after it, you will never be able to hold it in your hands.

However, if you sit back and relax, and admire it from a distance, it will begin nearing you. And sooner or later, you will find it tapping gently on your shoulder.

Be it butterfly or happiness, it will keep eluding you if you keep chasing it… but if you wait patiently,  you can hold it not just in your hand, but in your heart as well 🙂