just a matter of perception

“I just don’t belong here. I wonder why the hell was I born in this family?!!! ” She muttered it yet again today in utter frustration.

I wish I could do something to calm her and assure her that everything is fine. To let her know that every family is imperfect. Because when people of different ages and perceptions live together and love each other immensely, they stop considering the concept of personal space and try to convince you to live your life according to their decisions and perceptions. They are not wrong, it’s just that their perception is not perfect as well. Just as yours isn’t.

Both sides just need to respect each other’s viewpoint and trust that the other’s intentions involve only care and love. Nothing else.


When you first opened your eyes on the world.. they welcomed you merrily.  They laughed when you laughed, frowned when you cried.  They taught you how to walk, how to talk,  how to sit, how to eat and how to live.  They are your family. They love you, but you lie to them. You hide things from them. Your heart cries, but you still do it. You even sometimes bitch to your friends about them. You act like you dislike them. You believe they don’t understand you, and you don’t understand them.  But deep inside,  somewhere you know that the truth is otherwise. You know they have your back, that they trust you..and most importantly they love you. They are your support system and no matter what you do or what fault you commit.. they’ll ultimately forgive you. Because they are your FAMILY, where ILY depicts I Love You.