The last day…

It was the last day they could have ever met! Her last day in his town.
With every breath, she just prayed for his one glimpse. One last glimpse that she could hold in her eyes and treasure it forever! The seconds, minutes, hours passed away. He was nowhere. Her eyes searched everywhere around, looking for him in every nook and corner of the streets nearby. She tried to study every man’s physique to find out if it was him. But, to no avail. He had not come yet.
The sun was cooling down too..just like her expectations. She was loosing all hope. Still there was something in the air, that made her feel he was desperate too. But maybe, it was all inside her head, her optimistic soul not wanting to accept he was way too good for her and too out of her reaches.

Through these crests and troughs of her thoughts, she decided to peep into her phone. Her last ray of hope. She logged on to facebook and checked onto his profile. His update 2 minutes ago: ” Only if i could let you know, never wanna let you go!”
That was a silver lining to the dark clouds that had surrounded her life. She couldn’t get the glimpse she wanted, but she was CONTENT.