The Last Drop

After the last drop dried
She withered and sighed
Slowly turning lifeless and pale
Hiding behind her smoky veil
Her tired eyes
Longing for signs
Of relief from the scorching sun
But sadly she got none
Only impending pangs of despair
Gazing up in a sanguine stare
Prayers escaped her cracked lip
A wish for a filling sip
Of one last drop of rain
To end her gnawing pain
Her children were all dead
Agonizing death sent them to bed
She had warned them time and again
Yet they exhausted the elixir in vain
The irresponsible children
That killed their brethren
Celebrating happy days
Living with their wasteful ways
Soiled the spring of her beautiful life
Now finally ends the strife
The aftermath taking its toll
Finally killing the mother of them all
When she took her last breath
The Gods celebrated her death
From heavens fell a drop
A downpour that didn’t stop
Until it wiped clean the slate
Re-writing the mother’s fate
“Don’t worry child, you’ll live
There’s more life for you to weave”
The autumn transformed to rain
Mother Earth was alive again!


She was thirsty. Very thirsty. Every cell of her body was craving for just a drop of water. The sun was sucking every drop of water out of her, thus making the air more and more humid, while making her more and more water-deficient.

Her body was slowly turning fragile, pale and lifeless. Her beauty was withering away. The spring of her life had been transformed into autumn. She was losing all hope. She thought her end was near.

Suddenly there came a thunderous noise from the sky that said: “Don’t worry child, you will live.  You are yet to bear billions of sons and daughters whose destinies have been pre-decided. Be patient. Life is on its way!! ”

And immediately, a drop of water fell off from the sky. Followed by another. And within the next few seconds, it was heavily pouring. The promise had been fulfilled. Her patience bore fruit. She was full of life again. The  spring had returned. Mother Earth looked more beautiful than ever!