The shattered dream

It’s amazing how she spent every moment of every day and night thinking about him and waiting for him. She forgot everything else except him. Her studies, food, friends, family, everything. She even forgot herself.

She craved for his sight all through the day, and when he stood in front of her, she ignored him. She kept a safe distance, and satisfied herself by stealing glances at him secretly. He was her cute little secret and she was totally happy with it.

But, secrets don’t live a very long life.

Just when she was convinced she will never meet him again, he began returning her glances. He smiled at her more often. Whenever she was out with her friends, he was always coincidentally around. He kept finding ways of trying to strike a conversation with her. But, she was satisfied with the distant bond they shared. Slowly she started making up her mind to talk to him but by then, he was disheartened. He turned his attention to others. She kept waiting for his signs but never found them again.

She secluded herself. She spent days and nights in his thoughts, waiting for him & crying over his absence. These cries once passed through the ears of her friend and her dream world shattered.

Her li’l secret was out.

The friend immediately approached him about her deteriorating condition. About her friend’s obsession of him, and he out-rightly rejected the idea of ever falling in love with her. He rejected even having thought about her ever.

Her world shattered around her and she could do nothing but watch helplessly. She was labelled as a dreamer and her love story… just a dream!

Dream of a dreamer

She sat up hurriedly and realized her heart was beating fast and she was short of breath. She slowly calmed herself down and soothed herself. “Relax, It was only a dream! Calm down. ”

As she gulped down a glass of water, the two painfully happy years of her life flashed before her eyes. One glimpse in a dream, and all the emotions that she had been suppressing for so long surfaced immediately! ┬áThe pain shot through her soul and a tear rolled down her cheek. But, she wiped it away immediately because she couldn’t afford to think of it all over again!

The time was gone..and now it remained just a bitter dream. A dream of a dreamer!