infancy…the dream!

it’s wonderful how one li’l scream can turn the whole house upside down! How one li’l smile can make everyone around squeal into peals of laughter! One li’l tear can make everyone frown! 

It is such a beautiful time of life…the infancy! No worries, no fears and no sorrows! Do whatever u want and be pampered…hugged and kissed in return! Spend ur leisure time making hoo-hoo and haa- haaaaa noises. Eat, sleep and Repeat! 

Such splendid carefreeness! And the innocence in the bright-shiny li’l eyes…what a beauty! Ever wondered how the world might seem when looking through those innocent eyes?! And the peaceful, sound slumber is like icing on the cake! Nothing can ever be more beautiful than the sight of a sleeping baby! Those smiles in sleep and slow breathing sounds! Such is the joy of infancy that it always makes me wish that i could be a baby again! Only if time travel were possible! Till then…infancy again is just a distant deeam!