A million emotions…. A single name

And, she smiled. After six weeks of gloominess and loneliness, she smiled at the face she saw across the room at the door. Her guardian angel had arrived. Her soul-sister. Her mirror.

Only a sight of the familiar face tore apart her gloominess . She ran across and hugged her lady in shining armour. All her pain seemed to vanish in that split-second.  She felt lighter. Better.

And suddenly, the soul sister drew herself away.  She looked her in the eye for a moment that seemed longer than eternity. Then she lifted her hand up and graced the face opposite her with a tight slap. A tear fell from her eye, but not from the pain on the cheek.

“Where were you stupid??  Why didn’t you tell me before you came here?  You have no idea how much I hate you for this!!! Who disappears for six weeks over such a trivial quarrel??? Psycho!!!  Come give me a hug now!  I missed you so bad!! Idiot!!!!”

And they forgave each other without even uttering a word of forgiveness. They clung to each other and thereafter, their bond became unbreakable, and the two friends became inseparable.

Such is the beauty of friendship. It’s a million emotions. But, just a single name!