If I had all the time in the world,

I know what I’d do,

I’d spend the time,

In pleasure sublime,

By your side,

Just staring at you!


It won’t 

You can be mean if you want, but it can’t defeat humility. 

You can be heartless if you want, but it can’t override compassion. 

You can be stubborn if you want, but it won’t overcome affection. 

You can make it a battle if you want, but it won’t end in satisfaction. 

You will win the quarrel, but you will lose the person.


Life follows a strange mysterious clock. It has a hysterical sense of timing certain things. You may spend all your life waiting for that one thing to happen, and life will drag you to almosts and then ruin it. Until, one fine day, when you least expect it, it becomes a reality in front of your eyes, and changes your life forever.

You may keep wishing and wanting and waiting, but good things will happen to you in their own good time.



That keeps people up all night. That makes them wait in dark for the light.

That lets people go through the day. That encourages them to keep sorrows at bay.

That unites people when they’re far. That drives their spirits to touch the star.

That makes people dance in storm & rain. That tells someday we’ll meet again.