A box full of happiness

A box full of happiness!

arpan-the joy of giving

Sitting in my room,
I was looking at a box,
It contained all my favourite stuff,
From old books, clothes to woollen socks.

All that I could no more,
Read, fit in or even wear,
But for the sake of my affection for them,
I always wanted to keep them near.

Suddenly, I saw through window,
Servant’s children were playing,
Her mother promised her a pair of shoes,
I heard one of them saying.

Next moment I call,
my mother inside and say,
“All the stuff in this box,
I want to give away”.

She called in the children’s mother,
And gave her the old stuff,
For her naughty little girl,
It was more than enough.

The little girl came running with joy,
Wearing ‘new’ bright red dress,
Her big smile was the sign of gratitude,
That she wanted to express.

I never saw anything,
Changing its colour so fast,

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Change is good

Some days, Life gets too predictable and monotonous. You know what’s gonna happen after 2 minutes, 2 hours or 2 days. You become too relaxed. You ease out. You become comfortable in your surroundings. And, then even a lil change hurts. Don’t fall for monotony. Don’t become too comfortable. Change your environment. Or change yourself. Embrace the beauty change brings along. Because. Change. Is. Good.


She’s the girl who has a few awesome friends, and doesn’t need anymore.

The girl who laughs the hardest on her own jokes, and doesn’t care what the world thinks.

She is the one who will hang up on you when angry, but then call you right back to say sorry.

She’s the one who will never leave your side when you need her and will go out of her way to cheer you up.

She’s the one who’ll never give up on you, because she believes in loving somebody whole-heartedly, forever…<3