That keeps people up all night. That makes them wait in dark for the light.

That lets people go through the day. That encourages them to keep sorrows at bay.

That unites people when they’re far. That drives their spirits to touch the star.

That makes people dance in storm & rain. That tells someday we’ll meet again.


Apparently, nobody dies when their loved ones go away. Nonetheless, something inside them surely dies. 

The heart, creates a deep void within itself. It never really invigorates, it just adjusts to a routine without them. The agony of their Absence stays along for the rest of their lives..


“So, when are you leaving for the day?”, he asked while picking up his belongings from the desk. Into the bag, went the notebook, the headphones and finally the yellow Tupperware water bottle. 

I found myself wondering for the thousandth time, why yellow? I hate yellow. And, he seems to like it. Compatible-0, Incompatible-1. 

He picked up his red and grey bag, and rephrased his question, “Staying back till late night again today?” Who buys a red bag, we’re not kids anymore. I bought a plain blue. Compatible-0, Incompatible-2.

“Yeah, I’ll stay back. This MVC is not my cup of tea. I didn’t understand a word of what Sir taught”, I finally responded when I realized he will leave any moment and  immediately got lost in my chain of thoughts again. “He comes late every morning, and then he is in a hurry to leave. Why can’t he just sit beside me for a few more hours? Damn these guys and their gym fever!” Compatible-0. Incompatible-3.

“You didn’t understand? It’s so easy, I’ll help you with it.” He said and put down his bag. Good Lord, I should have asked his presence for a lifetime if I knew you were in a mood for granting wishes. And, then, in less than five minutes, he explained to me what I was struggling to understand since 5 hours. 

“Did you understand something?”, he asked.

“Everything you said just etched in my memory”, I wanted to say, but then he would have left. 

“Yeah, a bit”, I said. And, he began explaining from scratch in greater detail. Patient, confident and determined. Compatible-3, Incompatible-3.

And, there we sat, in the middle of 200 others, and yet lost in our own li’l world. He looked into my eyes, searching for signs of understanding what he explained and I plainly stared back into his deep, intense brown eyes, searching for signs of love. His pupils kept dilating and after a while, he looked away to ward off the awkwardness. I didn’t take my eyes off him, I just wanted to record that moment in my eyes forever.

He looked back and held the gaze longer this time. I nodded now and then to indicate attention to what he explained. But all that my ears heard was a melodiously deep voice which my brain failed to comprehend.

“Now, tell me in short what is the sequence of steps for the hands on exam tomorrow.” 

“I understood them, but it takes time to memorize.”

“Fine, repeat after me then”; Like a diligent teacher he made me memorize each step, and like an obedient student, I did exactly what he said. Compatible-4, Incompatible-3.

“Thank you so much for staying back today and missing your gym.” I said as I saw him picking up his bag again & getting ready to leave. “Oh no problems”, he said in a humble and respectful tone. “Leave sooner okay, just revise; don’t stay back till late night again.” He said in such a concerned manner that I felt like getting up and leaving along with him. Compatible-5, Incompatible-2.

But, all I could do was watch him leave once again, like every other day. He thought I stayed back till late because of studies. True, but I finished off with the studies much sooner. Little did he know, I stayed back till late, because I wanted to sit there after he left, and rewind and live the whole day again, thinking of him. 

Compatible? Yes. Together? No.

Dark night

Some days, it’s a dark night all over again. The world seems to be crashing down all around. The heart aches as if it has a hollow nothing can fill. Everything appears fake and meaningless. The breaths feel too heavy to take in. Eyes well up over trifles. 

Nothing seems to be going right. Loneliness crawls in, even in a room full of people. Everything seems to be slipping, like sand from a clenched fist. Nobody even notices you zoning out. You feel like a loner.

But, the night, it just grows darker.