I miss you

Nobody applauds me when I succeed.
I miss those chocolates you bought me whenever I succeeded.
Nobody appreciates me when I try too hard.
I miss your inspirational words that always helped me when I felt down.
Nobody motivates me when I miss my goals by an inch.
I miss how you always reminded me I could nail it next time.
Nobody holds me when I am all lonely.
I miss how I never felt lonely coz I always had you.
Nobody can ever love me like you did Dad.
I miss how every morning began with your smile and ended with your love.
I miss you Dad.
I miss who I was when I had you.
I hate what I have become.
I hate my fragile self.
I hate how I fall apart at a slight knockdown.
I miss your support Dad.
I don’t want to fight this battle without you.


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