Let’s face it

Let’s face it.
I can’t stop craving.
But, I can’t force someone.
There is nothing like lack of courage.
It is always just a lack of interest.
So be it.
I accept your decision.
Let it hurt.
Let it tear my heart apart.
I will never forget how you made me feel.
But I will also not forget that you didn’t try.
Time waits for none.
So why should I wait for you?
So be it.
I will live without you.
I will look at you and notice nothing.
I will see or hear your name and not  smile.
I will avoid the places where I know I can run into you.
I will stop checking my phone around the clock.
I will delete all those love songs.
I will delete all those quotes.
I will not communicate anymore.
Let it kill me.
Let it kill you.
I can’t keep hanging around waiting for you to make up your mind.
I don’t play games.
I am not scared to walk away from someone whose behaviour is nothing but disrespect and disregard.
You can’t get along with me just as you please and get away at your pleasure.
Commit or leave.
Come get it or forget it.
It’s that simple.
Let’s face it.
You didn’t let “you and me” turn “we”.


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