Just one person

Just one.
One person that I can depend upon.
One person that I can share my thoughts and feelings with.
One person that can bring out the real me that I myself haven’t met since ages.
I just need one person that can be my confidant.
That can pick me up when I am down and hold me when I’m afraid to fall.
One person that won’t judge me if I do something stupid.
I just need one person that can appreciate the little things I do everyday.
That can help me find myself when I am lost.
One person who could be to me what I have been to so many people.
Be my angel.
Be my sunshine in my rainy days.
I just need someone who stays by my side just because he wants to, and for no other selfish or ulterior motive.
I want someone to choose to be with me. To choose my company.
Just one person.
A stranger. A friend. A best friend. A guide. A lover. A parent. Anybody.
Just one person.
Who’d love to hear everything that I am so scared to say.


Let me know you

Let me know you.
The insides of you that you hide from the world.
The darkness that you’re too scared to expose.
Let me know what makes you the beautiful person you are.
Let me understand the reasons behind your actions.
The feelings behind your reactions.
Let me know you inside out.
Not because I am just curious or something.
Because that is what intimacy means to me.
I want to know you because I want to be intimate with you.
Let me know you once.
I promise you will never regret it.


If you could decipher every word that I cannot say
You’d understand how important for me you are…
If you could see yourself through my eyes
You’d understand how special for me you are…

You are the catalyst that favored the change in me
The star that shone bright on my dark
You are the cool breeze that calmed me
The tranquillity that soothed me from the start…