Let me know you

Let me know you.
The insides of you that you hide from the world.
The darkness that you’re too scared to expose.
Let me know what makes you the beautiful person you are.
Let me understand the reasons behind your actions.
The feelings behind your reactions.
Let me know you inside out.
Not because I am just curious or something.
Because that is what intimacy means to me.
I want to know you because I want to be intimate with you.
Let me know you once.
I promise you will never regret it.


If you could decipher every word that I cannot say
You’d understand how important for me you are…
If you could see yourself through my eyes
You’d understand how special for me you are…

You are the catalyst that favored the change in me
The star that shone bright on my dark
You are the cool breeze that calmed me
The tranquillity that soothed me from the start…


You became special because you encouraged me to speak. You wanted to listen about me. You asked me new questions everyday. Sometimes you asked me questions that I found myself going speechless about. You reminded me that I wasn’t living my life, I was just breathing. You made me question what I was doing to myself. I changed because of you. You made me a better person again. I thanked you tons and I still can’t thank you enough.
You became special for me. And then one day I decided to tell you how my heart was aching again. How it craved for your presence. How lonely it felt without you. But you didn’t listen. You just abruptly left.
Did you ever really listen? Did you ever really care? Or you were just curious back then? You had once made me feel alive again. And now I feel like I’m dying daily. Thank you for that inspiration back then. Thank you for this numbing pain now. You have already hurt me enough. Now please leave me ALONE. Thank you so much. Thank you for everything.