I still get sleepless nights thinking about how can I let myself be drawn into a wondering game again. It’s amazing how I let the thoughts of one person preoccupy my mind all through the day. It’s amazing how everything seems to just revolve around one person and nothing else seems to matter anymore.
I have always been the kind of person who learns from mistakes and ensures that they are never repeated again. And still I willingly let myself be pulled into the pit that I know I can’t come out of on my own.
As long as I look at it through my eyes, it seems like a beautiful dream that is slowly turning into reality. But the moment I look at it through a third person perspective, it’s nothing but glass shattered on the floor.
How did I let this happen?
How did I let my broken heart believe it could beat again?
Maybe that’s the beauty of being with that one person. The one whose mere presence melted those broken pieces and made it whole again.


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