That’s life!

Not everybody that you meet in life will become your happily ever after. There will be many *once upon a time’s* and many *they became strangers again!* But everybody you meet will leave a part of themselves in you. Each one will give you a memory that will live in your heart forever. That will keep reminding you how intricately some threads are strangled and how despite all efforts, some people can never be forgotten again!



It is amazing how meeting one person can turn your whole life around. It can transform you and your life for good. It just takes one person at the most unexpected time to help you become who you truly were supposed to be and unbecome everything else. This is the magic of timing. Nobody ever knows when and where the paths of two people will just cross and they will never be the same again. They may never see each other again, but a part of them will forever be etched in the other’s heart!