I wonder how can someone just hold your hand and instantly melt your heart and warm your soul. It is totally amazing what a touch can do. It can make your heart flutter, send you a small shiver and yet leave you tranquilled.

So much to remember….

How do you forget someone who gave you so much to remember?

Both of them were counting the days left, but unlike others, they weren’t anxious about the approaching date. They were just silently preparing themselves for the approaching separation. They never told each other,  but they will both be dearly missed. How else do you part from somebody you don’t want to part from? You don’t even say goodbye! You just awkwardly leave, hoping you will not have to. You just leave, hoping you will be able to relive those moments someday again! Because you don’t want to forget. And you don’t want to be forgotten. And anyway, you can’t even if you try. You just can’t forget someone who gave you so much to remember!


People change in the blink of an eye. They are somebody else and you perceive them to be somebody totally different. And it is nobody’s fault. We all have got tunnel vision and we see only what suits us better. And that is sometimes too far from reality.

When the reality clashes with our perception,  we feel deceived and shattered. Relations are affected and people drift apart. Nobody tries to save the bond. They change. They leave. And it’s okay. Because people are temporary. Remember this, and you’ll be just fine.