Selectively Sociable

It’s good to be sociable and be liked by so many people. But when you got eyes that can see through the deeds of people, tolerating their self-centeredness is just too difficult. It’s good to be with people sometimes,  but nothing matches the pleasure of being on your own or with a couple of friends who are true to your face as well as your back! And of course,  nothing matches the coziness of the family 😉

Passion & Innocence

I find two things really attractive : passion and innocence.

Nothing is more sexier than passion. The light in a person’s eyes when they talk about their passion is brighter than the brightest star. Their love for what they love to do ignites a fire of attraction.

Nothing is more calm than innocence. The depth in a person’s eyes when they ask an innocent question is deeper than the deepest ocean. Their goodness and kindness towards everyone has a pull stronger than gravitation.

Come back!!!

It is so easy to be attached
And so disturbing to get detached
Human emotions are such a turmoil
Head and heart are always over boil
Only if it was possible to escape this trap
And be saved from all the crap
How one li’l moment can be a bliss
And the very next all amiss
This adulthood is all white and black
Colorful childhood please come back!
Dear innocence please come back!!!