I just can’t hide

It took me over 20 long years to carve myself into this version of me. Every feature of my physique and every act of my soul is my own priced possession. I have already demarred myself enough for my wrong decisions and immature choices. You can’t judge me enough. Not as much as I have judged myself all through. So, don’t tell me to check my actions. I will not please you. I can’t please myself enough.

I have my own conscience to guide me through my decisions. I don’t need to change just ‘coz I don’t seem to fit in. I am made to stand out, so why should I even try!

I like sitting alone, to myself,  doing absolutely nothing. I don’t like making useless small talks to people I don’t care about. I’d rather be alone that be socialising with fake personalities. I am choosy with friends. They are my family, and I love my family. But the whole world cannot be my family. Just a few limited people. The ones that I can give my all.

I make my decisions at my will, and don’t owe any explanations to anyone.  I am me, and I have taken years to become me. So, why should I care if it doesn’t please you. I am this, and I just can’t hide!


I am a hopeless, incurable romantic.  I will never stop mistaking concern for care and care for love. I will always over-analyse situations, fall too quick and too deep to get back up. I am so desperate to be cared for and loved tenderly, that whenever I see a bit of it coming, I leap in that direction immediately.

It is like a disease. I give in too quickly. Give up too quickly. I fall head over heels, and end up hurting myself. I protect myself with too many guards put up; and it gets really difficult for anyone to overthrow them. I don’t show anyone my true side and end up hopelessly alone. Too much loneliness, too much desperation and too much hopelessness. And yet, incurably romantic.