There she stood, battling all her emotions, without letting the soothing smile on her face fade away. Her perplexed soul didn’t let her body reveal its tormented state. Her dreams were all shattered, her passion was long lost, but never did she let herself become an object of pity. She knew it was a phase. And, it will all pass. Until one fine day, she’ll feel that passion again. She will dream again. She will live again.

My image?

I look at the mirror in front of me and see a totally absurd image of me. It is not just a laterally inverted image, but a literally inverted image of me. It just looks like the face and the body that I am living in since 21 years. But it doesn’t act like me. We are two different personalities, me-the soul,and my mortal body. I have different perspectives towards life, but my body is living that life differently. There’s surely something wrong between us. May be we are too out of tune with each other. May be we need to pay attention to each other a bit more often. May be we need to talk to each other and observe each other more often.


Dreams are sometimes too intimidating. They make each drop of blood run faster through the veins. They make you sweat. Your heart beats faster. But, just the thought of having fulfilled your dreams puts you at ease. The whole universe around you seems to be at peace. Your breath seems calmer and your life better. Dreams add meaning to life. Dreams make life worth living.