The Voice

You can silence the outer voices. You can silence the whole world. But, that li’l voice inside you cannot be silenced easily. It will not stop shouting that you are wrong. Even if you learn to train your mind to turn deaf to it. The Voice just won’t stay quiet. It will knock the door of your conscience each time. It will never stop warning you. It won’t let you sleep peacefully for even a single night. Until it dawns upon you that you are treading the wrong path. Until you finally decide to do what the voice tells always tells you.

The idea of love

We often misunderstand the idea of love. It is not something you can experience in a single glimpse of a person or in a  few moments. Love is an emotion. You don’t really ever fall in love, you grow into love. You grow fonder and fonder of a person when you spend time with them.

It’s no magic or miracle. Just an emotion that can turn the world magical and miraculous. If it doesn’t involve attachment and understanding that grew with time, it’s not love. It may be  attraction, obsession, infatuation. Anything, but not love.

“He was there for her” Blossoming : Part 2

She just couldn’t utter a single word. Her perplexed state of mind prevented any response to the queries being raised by her best buddy on the phone . She was angry at his neglect towards their friendship till now, though she knew somewhere inside that the neglect was non-existent. It was merely the excessive workload that kept him busy and his dedication towards their friendship had always been sincere and honest. She had almost resolved earlier to not let him take her friendship for granted, but right now she was just too shattered to express any such intentions.

In response to the alarm raised by Sushant on not getting any replies to his queries, the only thing that escaped her mouth was a sob. The physical barrier couldn’t prevent Shant from recognizing that his Tanu was definitely stuck in something very serious.

Soon, his caring tone and gentle attention calmed her down and she was in a state of giving  better response. He dared not ask her what the matter was, for the fear of pushing her back to pain again. She was such a innocent creature that only the consolation that her Shant was there for her, was enough for her to feel better. And, it was true literally. Her Shant was there for her. The thought that his best buddy needed him didn’t let him rest a minute in sleep and as soon as the Sun shone its first ray, all the business for next 15 days was cancelled and postponed. And, even before Tanu could realize, Sushant was in front of her. 🙂

…to be continued.

Blossoming…. Part 1: The Call

The phone had been ringing for quite a while now. It rings every night from 9 to 11 pm, but she never answers it. He knows that she will answer his calls one day, so he tries daily without fail. But, she is so mad at him that she she just never answers. Everyday she spends those two hours looking at the screen of the phone that says : “Shant calling…  Answer or Decline .” She’d look at the screen continuously and fall asleep, hugging her cellphone.

It’s been a month since this has been happening. But, today was  different. Today she is more broken than she can handle. She is more lonely than she can ever survive being.  Her sobs have become louder than they were in the evening. She hugs the phone tight and finally decides she’ll answer his call if he called one more time. It was already 11:05. She knew he never called that late. She knew he won’t call one more time, but every drop of tear that rolled down her cheek prayed for his call.

And suddenly, the phone rang again. It was Sushant. She was overjoyed. She immediately answered the call. “Hello shant”, she whispered in a low voice. “Hello tanu, thank God you answered my call. Where have you been? Why don’t you take my calls??  My God, I missed you so much. Are you still angry at me?  I am soo sorry. I was really stuck that day. I couldn’t call you back. And, the next day I had continuous shots for my upcoming movie. It just slipped my mind. I am really sorry. I’ll make it upto you. Please forgive me, please. By the way, you heard about my upcoming movie? Hey, you there?? Hello???”

…. to be continued

look for the stars…


When everything in your life goes wrong, when the whole world around you seems to be collapsing, don’t just stand and be a spectator. Take charge. Look for the chance to rebuild your world of dreams. Look for the opportunity to turn right all the wrongs. Don’t lose hope.

When it rains, look for the rainbows. When it’s dark, look for the stars.

Colours of the canvas

Uniting different members of a family to agree on a single thought is similar to uniting different colours on a single canvas. It might seem like a simple thing to do, as they are already bound by the thread of love, trust and togetherness. But, it is as difficult as choosing the right shade to fill in a painting and using the right stroke to bring the real effect. It requires both talent and patience. But, most importantly, it requires dedication towards their unison.