The beauty of feeling broken

The most beautiful thing about feeling broken is knowing you didn’t deserve the treatment you received. You deserved something else. Something much better.

After having gone through all the why’s and how’s of falling apart, you find ways of picking yourself up together. Piece by piece, you try to build the old, strong you again, but no matter how hard you try, the cracks in the broken glass cannot be kept hidden. They will show up and might hurt even more if you struggle too hard to cover the sharp edges of cracks. You cannot be the same you again. But, you can be better!

The broken glass can be heated, melted and reformed into a clearer one, with lesser impurities. It might also not be strong and may break again someday, but it is better than it was once and it will be even better in future.

Breaking apart is necessary to make up yourself again. You have to go through the heat of suffering for days, be pained and belittled in order to cleanse your soul of the impurities of the world. You have to go through the worst to realize the importance of the good you’re blessed with. But, most of all, you have to break apart and come together to know your self-worth!


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