…that shy guy!

There were giggles accompanied by soft laughter that lighted up the atmosphere. His cheeks were red. He was looking like a newly-wed bride, who blushes like a budding-pink rose! Everybody kept teasing him by the name of a nonexistent girl…and he kept pleading innocent as if he was being accused of a robbery or a murder!
He was a sweet-natured guy.. and teasing him like that was always so much fun! Everyone of us knew that the girl we were teasing her about never existed..but we continued doing it anyways. Finally, he could not control his laughter at the stories they made about him and his girl… and coupled his hands together like a bowl and hid his face! His manly hands contrasted his rose-pink cheeks.
From under his hidden face, he moved his eyeballs slowly and stole a look at the girl sitting across the table! She immediately spotted him looking… and he at once rolled away his eyes like they never ever stole a look at her. She felt awkward but slurred away that thought anyway.
The teasing session continued for a while after they forcefully moved his hands away from his face. Who says only girls are shy creatures?! LOL.
A few minutes later, she spotted his eyes roll to-and-fro again! A flash of her recent past floated across her eyes, and she memorized how she herself was at his place sometime back…rolling her eyes at her crush every few minutes.
The sweetness around her turned into bitterness in a second. She knew the outcome of this acquaintance will not be good ultimately! So, she quietly withdrew from the place and nobody except him noticed. His cheeks were pink no more, they were rather pale now. He was a sweet guy… but she didn’t want another bitter episode in her life anyway!


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