My inspiration… my Father!

I look at life, the way HE looked at it
His philosophy is my philosophy
His priorities have become my priorities
I wish I could walk like HIM
Talk like HIM,
Think like HIM..
I want to be HIM!

Whenever I am in a fix
I think about what he would have done
and do it exactly that way!
He’s my first love
my everlasting love..
Nothing can replace him
Nobody can mean what he has always meant to me!

I can sell away my life
and still not become capable enough
to pay back even a penny
of what he has sacrificed for me and our family!
He raised me up like a princess
Taught me what life truly means..
Nothing comes before family and friends!

I owe my Life to HIM
I owe my perception of relations to HIM
I owe my understanding of human soul to HIM

He’s my inspiration
He’s my strength
He’s my backbone
He’s my HERO
He’s my DaD ❤

And I am glad I had the privilege of spending 15 years of my life under the shade of his love and care!


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