It was not love!


Dearest heart,
Please trust me, it was not love.
Obssession, Addiction,Attachment,
Attraction, Infatuation..
Call it whatever u want!
But, trust me, it was not love.

For love is sacred,
Love is sacrifice…
It doesn’t end in hatred,
Love is paradise…
It doesn’t preach anger,
Love’s always nice…
It gives it’s all,
Still stays humble n wise..

Love bonds hearts together
Leaving no empty space
First, second or last???
Nah, Love’s not a race!!!

Love is something for which,
One can even die..
And for him, trust me,
I’d never even try!!!

Love is something for which
One can go against the world
Friends n family everyone
Can be left behind in the herd!!

Leaving family for him??
You’d have never done, dear heart!
And we never had a future,
You knew it from the start!

So why so much guilt?
And, why so much pain??
Why for someone who kicked you away,
You are still going insane????

Stop thinking so much about him,
Stop thinking n let him go…
Heal up n GET A LIFE again,
It wasn’t LOVE, you know??

Wait till love knocks u down,
Wait till it slams ur door…
Wait till u find the one,
Who’ll love u more n more!!!

Get out and meet new people
Make friends, n check-out a few
Coz what u had was not love
Not even its slightest hue!!

Go ahead, just buckle up..
To find your MR RIGHT!
Just believe me, IT WAS NOT LOVE,
It was just a dark night!!!

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