I don’t want to….

I don’t want to wear this mask anymore.

I don’t want to try to become who em not.

I don’t want to act like i don’t care about anyone.

I don’t want to show that em not affected by what my loved ones do.

I don’t want to be mean,

I don’t want to be rude or harsh or ruthless.

I don’t want to become feelingless or emotionless.

I want to give love and be loved.

I want to be calm and patient.

I want to be known for my softness and wisdom and tolerance.

I want to become who i was once again but with a little modification.

I want to be more jolly, more self confident; More composed n charming.

I want to be the limelight, the loved one but also the wise one.

I want to learn again when to speak, when to keep your mouth shut and how to speak without hurting someone!

I want to be all nice and be myself as well.

And I want to be all this, without compromising at any time with my self respect and self esteem.

I want to learn how to tolerate others words again without flashing back.

I want to learn to start keeping my thoughts to myself again.

I want this all.

And I WILL become the one that is this all.

All I need is a little determination and understanding… as well as lot of love.


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