…and she was left breathless!

Rushing down the lane, drenched with sweat..she looked at her watch: 7:55 am. Just five minutes for the gate to be closed. She rushed faster. And, just when she arrived at the gate, she saw a familiar shadow. A skipped beat…and she was left breathless!
Her heart began pounding. Eyes seized to the ground. Feet became too heavy to be lifted. But, she couldn’t stop. Quicker than the blink of an eye, she managed to steal a look upwards. And, there he stood with those beautiful eyes..that shined brighter than the morning sun. The breeze blew to soothe her sweat, leaving her a cool sensation.
A chill ran down her spine as she crossed by him. She realized he was looking at her too. A continuous stare.

For that split-second, the whole world had stopped for her. The passers-by disappeared. His presence around was the only sense her brain could detect. The pounding of her heart, the only sound.

And, in that one moment, her world became heaven. In that one moment, her day was complete. That one moment left her a with a smile for the day. ‘Coz she managed to get a beautiful glimpse of him, and that was a pleasure greater than living in paradise.


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